Thursday, June 21, 2012

Install windows 7 on macbook pro and how to get the required drivers

如何在Mac Book Pro 下安装Windows 7 和所需的驱动程序

2 days ago a friend of mine has bought a 13 inches Mac Book Pro.
How to install Windows 7 on Mac OS with Bootcamp 

How to obtain and install the drivers?

After installing the Windows 7, we found  it is difficult to get the required hardware driver for apple, as there is no drivers CD comes with Mac Book Pro. After calling the technical consultant, we found out, those drivers could be easily gotten from the Bootcamp  Utility preinstalled with Mac OS X.

Hold down the Option key during the starting of machine, you will be able to boot into Mac OS X. Open the Bootcamp Utility, you will discover there is an option to "Download the Latest Windows Support Software from Apple". Select that option, put a USB drive in, it will download all the necessary drivers to the USB drivers.

Then Boot to windows again, open USB drive, click "setup" in USB drive, and voila, All the required drivers will be installed!

Complete information could be found here

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