Monday, September 9, 2013

[Self Reference] Bug Lists

20 Sep 2013
  1. if…else.. do not consider last redundant assignment
  2. when dividing, denumerator can be zero
8 Sep 2013
  1. Do not initialize class values before using it - Do not initialize the RuntimeAdapter for InitialState (leave empty), when using RuntimeAdapter
  2. == and !=, if(root.Count==1) throw (only allow once) -> Suppose to be !=1
  1. wrong sequence - Clear the ConcreteServices at the wrong place just after populating it, it should be just before populating it
  2. missed item - case.execute() is not implemented
  3. missed item - the switch does exert the event to partialModelState
  4. redundant call - put two calls in start and internal start for simulate()
  5. wrong name - when copy paste forget to change all the names
  6. Not setting global one - declare a lobal Simulator sm, and didn't set to global one
  7. terminate event not sent -  skip is never called as it won't evoluate to that event, correct way to send terminate event is via the Bprocess execute()
  8. Unexpected -…), in … throw exception (a duplicate var can solve the problem)
  9. parallel.invoke bug can't throw outside:

Previous two days
  1. not initialize v with maximum when doing v=min(v, value)
  2. not initialize v with zero and maximum separately, when v has to do with min and plus
  3. in switch, change the case activity value
  4. does not understand that geteventid, is a state with previous edges
  5. using a the terminal states without initializing it with value

  1. Index out of bound - action0Col[1] == "if", but action0Col may not have index 1 (e.g., for atomic action)
  2. copy paste - result.Add(new ActionPair(actionPair.Value[0], actionPair.Value[1], action0Col[2] == "c"));
  3. not assigning value to instance - not assigning the value to Available of Nonfunctional Attribute, but assign to a variable totAvailability
  4. split value problem(knowledge problem) - [if:0:c] split becomes {"[if","0","c]"}
  5. copy paste -  avgResponseTime += nf.ResponseTime;  should be  avgResponseTime += nf.avgResponseTime;
  6. Concept problem - in AggregateActions firstResponseTime and firstAvgResponseTime treat the same
  7. "a:name:<empty>", string split, then only have two columns, access 2 index out of bound

  1. Value is null, lock{..}{}..this .. is empty!
  2. Queue and trace not initialize when accessed

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