Friday, January 17, 2014

There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation

---For Everyone seeing this error message----
If you get this error message

Check if you already have
four primary partitions or
three primary partitions + one extended partition
on your MBR disk,
If yes, you can't create new partition directly, this is a limitation of MBR disk.

---For Toshiba Ultrabook user----
I am using Toshiba Portege Z30-A100, it is coming with three primary parition and one extended partition, what I do using EaseUs Partition Manager is:
1. Convert HDDRecovery from Primary to Logical
2. Unhide HDDRecovery
3. Backup the files in HDD Recovery (PLS including all hidden files!!) to External Drive
4. Delete HDDRecovery
5. Then create a new D drive.

Disclaimer: I have not tried whether this operations will make the factory recovery reset be unusable, but logically we could perform this to revert the changes, if the factory reset does not work:
1. Merge C and D drive into C drive
2. Recreate the HDDRecovery, hide the partition and make it primary
3. Move files in
4. That's it

When you are playing around partition, sometimes you may accidentally make the computer not bootable - seeing the error message NTLTR not found for Windows 7. Use this Free Bootable Partition Software to solve it.

----For MySelf---
I believe due to I do not backup the hidden files ==, which results in I am unable to use the HDDRecovery anymore. Currently, I have made my drive from (sorry for the blurry image)


Note that the factory backup is for the recovery image that I created my own using Acronis True Image, and I am losing my HDDRecovery, unless I have some friends who are using the same brand as ultrabook as mine and copy back those hidden files. But that does not really matter for now.

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