Saturday, March 1, 2014

Keyboard shortcuts Eclipse

Debug Mode in Eclipse for Source Not Found
"window->Preferences->Java->Debug" and disable the "suspend execution of uncaught exceptions"

If I'm reading you right, you want to specify some classes that you 
don't want to step into? I think what you want is...

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Debug -> Step Filtering

Task Windows (Windows>Show View>Tasks, find Todo in Eclipse)
See the following on how to change configure Task Windows

Add shortcut key to bookmarks
Windows>preference>Key>search for "add bookmark"
set alt+b (in windows)

Adding bookmark / Open bookmark windows

Finding classes/packages (ctrl+shift+h)

Find usage (ctrl+shift+g)

Find type declaration (ctrl+g)

Eclipse Shortcut (alt+left arrow)

Generate Constructor (Alt+Shift+S, O)

includes import

Open file in explorer

Formatting code

Formatting code upon save

Automatic put semicolon at the end

Duplicate Lines
Ctrl-Alt-Down: copies current line or selected lines to below
Ctrl-Alt-Up:: copies current line or selected lines to above
Ctrl-Shift-L: brings up a List of shortcut keys

Rename variable

Time different
long beginTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

//Some operations. Let us asssume some database operations etc. which are time consuming.


long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

long difference = endTime - beginTime;

I prefer visual presentation:
   Property          HashMap             TreeMap           LinkedHashMap    
                no guarantee order  sorted according                        
   Order       will remain constant to the natural        insertion-order   
                    over time          ordering                             
   remove              O(1)              O(log(n))             O(1)         
  Interfaces           Map                Map                  Map          
     Null            allowed           only values           allowed        
                 Fail-fast behavior of an iterator cannot be guaranteed       
   Fail-fast   impossible to make any hard guarantees in the presence of      
   behavior              unsynchronized concurrent modification               
Implementation      buckets           Red-Black Tree      double-linked     
 synchronized               implementation is not synchronized                

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