Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Configure Line Wrap for Ultraedit


Advanced>configuration>Editor>Word Wrap/Tab Settings
Select "change list" to change the extension

Then Checked
1)"Wrap after column #, insert CR/LF"
2)"Automatically insert CR/LF when file is opened"
Wrap Column #

Make sure the "edit> toggle work wrap" is selected

You can also choose "View>set column marker" to visually create the marker

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Viewing a PDF book on Iphone

Sometimes I feel that viewing a pdf file is too big for a IPhone, and difficult to view.

And I discover this posts
, which could convert a pdf file to an ebook which can be view on IPhone,

Have tried it, this is indeed great. It converts the PDF books into epubs format.

Btw, I use to use the IBook device to store the pdf books that I phave.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to forget the network services

Once you provide your credential for network services (like network printer), you seem to not able to let the network services forgetting your password, even by deleting the services and add it again, your password seems to be remembered, this makes difficult if you wish to login the network services with another user account. Below provide a way to "logout" from the network services.

Go to Start Menu –> Run –> control userpasswords2 and press Enter.

User Accounts Dialog Box will appear, Go to Advance Tab and Click on the Manage Password Button. In Stored User Names and Password press  the Remove Button and Remove all users information that you want to delete.

In Windows 7, select Remove from Vault

 In windows XP, select Remove