Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to Enable FTP on Amazon EC2 (using FileZilla here)

Are you having problems in configuration Amazon EC2 with FTP? No problem, here are the step by step guides.

Configurations on Amazon EC2 console
1.       Click on instance in EC2 console, locate your EC2 instance, and scroll it to the right

2.       Click on the link under Security Groups

3.       Under the Security Group, right click on the item there, and select Edit inbound rules

4.       Add the two rules as follows, and click on save, that’s it.

Configurations on Windows Instance
1.       Login to the Windows instance, click on the Windows button, and key in Windows Firewall

2.       Turn off the Windows Firewall (only for public network settings). Amazon has the configurations to protect you (like those you set in Amazon EC2 console previously).

Configuration of Filezilla Server
1.       Install FileZilla Server
2.       Connect it, retain the orginal setting, and click OK.

3.       Got to Edit > Settings >Passive Mode Settings, set the following. For Use the following IP, key in your Amazon instance IP like, and Click OK.

That’s it, you can connect it with your File Zilla Client, using port 21.

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