Saturday, January 9, 2016

How to Point GoDaddy Domain to Amazon EC2

You bought a domain from GoDaddy, and you have a server on Amazon EC2, perfect, follow the following easy steps to point Godaddy domain to Amazon EC2 server.

Get Elastic IP from Amazon
On EC2 Management console, click on “Elastic IPs”, click on Allocate New Address

Click Yes, Allocate

You got the New Address assigned.

Right click the elastic IP, click Associate Address.

Choose the instance you are running

Use the default values for all textboxes, Click Associate

Configuration for GoDaddy
Login into your godaddy account, Under the upper menu click “Domains” and then click “Manage my Domains”, Select the domain you would like to change by clicking the link to the domain on the table under “Domain Name” column.
When you see the following screen select DNS Zone File

Click on Edit Record under A(Host), Edit the record to point to the Elastic IP address you have set just now

After that click on Save Changes

 That's it, have fun!


  1. Thanks helpful article....
    How much time it taken?

  2. Hi,
    I tried the same steps. I lookup for the domain name. It shows the IP but when I open the website it is not working. Please suggest what to do.
    I am using tomcat 7 on amazon ec2 instance.

    1. change the instance security group inbound rules, and check your URL

  3. Also change inbound security group to accept all requests.

  4. One thing you may have to do is to clear your cache (history) on your browser. My IP address was still showing on the address bar instead of domain name until I tried it in another browser and saw that it was really already working.